Shadows of Joyel

Cura dei dettagli dal Made in Italy
Imagine a palette of bright colors, a virtuoso painter and a canvas … your body. Here’s what Joyel is … an explosion of gaudy shades that combine ideas and swimsuits (bikinis and one-pieces) that are hand-crafted; unique and refined garments born from the ideas of Keti, a young designer who has the habit of coloring the world of love, liveliness and joy.

The quality of the details

The attention to detail begins with the drawing entirely in pencil, unique and original. Essential is the search for fabric, a soft 100% Made in Italy microfiber, light and comfortable, able to enhance the solhouette without forcing. The colors are just as fundamental as the choice to dare. Few white or black, lots of color. We leave white to brides and black to evening dresses; summer is an explosion of colors, joy, warmth and freedom. Every little detail is handmade by qualified personnel, making every Joyel not only unique and precious but above all a 100% Made in Italy brand; in fact both the conception and the realization, including the used, are an italian exellence.
Keti Kraja - designer e Managing director

Keti Kraja – Designer & Managing director

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